Evocative apartment for two persons, ideal for one unforgettable honey moon…The Tower chose Renato as its owner, and San Biagio chose him as its caretaker. Without Renato, neither the Tower nor San Biagio would have come back to life after centuries of sad abandon. Every stone bears witness to his work, his presence, his enthusiasm and ultimately his gratitude. With the Tower and San Biagio, Renato has made a unique dream come true, and only those who spend some time there will ever be able to appreciate this.


Ideal apartment for 4 persons. LA CASA DEL PRETE Where the walls talk of the past, comparing it endlessly with the present,where windows allow you to encounter both past and present at the same time, giving you a really unique experience.


Ideal apartment for 4 people. The oldest house and more modern at the same time, Renato usually uses it.


Ideal apartment for 4 persons. LA CASA DEL CONTADINO At the entrance of the Borgo, the most simple of its houses, where steps overlook the heart of the Borgo, and where you can discover the emotion of flying over the surrounding nature with your eyes.


Ideal apartment for 2 persons. LA CASA DEL CASTAGNO At the far end of the Borgo, with an incredible terrace, where days never seem to end… and with a bedroom where one would wish for nights never to end…


Ideal apartment for 2 persons. IL FORNO A small museum of peasant civilization; the only missing thing is an elderly couple sitting in front of the fireplace waiting to see the emotion in your eyes, everything else is there.

San Biagio a Colle


The Church, timeless to events through the years, millenary protector of the Borgo’s inhabitants and of its guests.The dining room, where time seems to have stopped, where ancient flavours are ready to be re-born in the smiles of those lucky enough to taste them with the Borgo’s host. The pool, lower down the hill where the sun is strongest and the air most filled with energy, where swimming becomes a heavenly dream. The incomparable beaty of summer is also reflected in the other seasons, it is almost difficult to imagine the Borgo in winter, when the snow gently covers every harsh . Words can’t describle it: this is San Biagio a Colle! It and only it can be like this!

Wine cellar

The atmosphere of this medieval wine cellar retains the wine to offer it to the best of its condition, enhancing its quality.


The Church, timeless to events through the years, millenary protector of the Borgo’s inhabitants and of its guests.

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